Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle

Hye there. Hows your life today?
For this time, i want to talk about the important to live in healthy lifestyle. Living in h
ealthy is very important because it will make your life more useful & valuable.
How to live
in healthy lifestyle? It's just not smoke, eat fresh food, and exercise but it have so many ways can do and the results you will get is very impressed.
Here are some tips to you live in healthy lifestyle.
1) Reduce stress with listening music,reading good book,go somewhere you like or hang out with your besties or family.
2) Do more physical exercise to let your body always be in energy and energetic
3) Don't forget to do medical check up to help you know about your health condition
4) Manage your weight to reduce risk of heart attack

5) Take some vitamins to keep your body in best possible health
If you does
not care about your healthy, you will get sick and your body will get weak so you can't do anything in your day.
Live in healthy lifestyle provide a healthy family, healthy commitee, healthy country.
This will give affect to new generation to live in peaceful and smart.
If you not consider with your health, you will live in sickness of disease.
So,take good care of yourself or you will get disease.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

=ChiLd AbdUctIOn=

Child Abduction is the abduction or kidnapping of kids or a baby for a certain reason. This things happen cause from parents neglection.
On 28 JUN 2006 the missing cases of Jing Xian.
Starts when he was left by his mother,Lee Chang Yeng in the metallic silver Myvi with engine still running outside his grandmother's house at Taman Melati. There were also his brother and his sister Jing Tong in that car. The thief get in the car from the driver's door. His broyher and sister jump out from the car with hopes to safe themselve from kidnapped but unfortunately Jing Xian still in that car with the thief.
The question is, are you considering to leave your children in the car alone?
Here parents, i give you some tips how to avoid the child abduction.
1) avoid from let your children go out alone
2) pay full attention on everything about your children
3) don't let them being friends with people you not so familiar..
4) teach them how to use number and make calls.
5) teach them to shout when someone they don't know touch them.
So, my conclusion is Never Ever Leave Your Kids Alone In The Car!!!
Safety is For All

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

-:My Favourite Past Time:-

Hello again!!
This week i got so many things to do.It was very exhausting me.How about you?.Your week should be was very exciting,right?.Glad to you.This time i want to share with all of you again,about my favourite past time.Actually,i love to having time with my besties.We love to hang out together.What a very interesting is,we are sharing the same hobbies.Every monday to friday,we were having class so on weekend we spent our day with shooping at mall,karaoke,watching new movie at cinema,having party at bestie's home or watching stars at beach.Last new year,we had been a trip to Bukit Fraser,Pahang as a holiday for our weekend.We take a lot of pictures at there and having so much fun.That was a very best holiday that we ever had.
If we cannot go anywhere far,we just loafing at one of our friend's house.At there,we will gathering and talk about so many things.Our popular activities is playing with make up and apply on your partner's face.That was very fun and we will take a pictures as a memory and put it in Princess Album.
So all,that was just my favourite past time.I was having so much fun with them.A lot of exciting!.Before i start to post this blog,i have some quote for you,
''There nothing like friends to make a heart sing,True friends will share with you most everyting.''

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Landslide is the one of unexpected phenomenom. Landslide normally happen on hills and cause trouble to many things.
There are many factors of the landslide.One of them is the abandon construction. This factor is one of normal factor that will cause a landslide. The second factor is, land that are not flat. This may because of the environment and weighted transportation. Normally,the transportation that involves is lorry,bus and army vehicles. The last factor is broke hills. The government usually broke hills to use the land in construction. If the worker unaware,this phenomenon will happen.
Where is factors,there will be the effects. I want to share the three of effects on landslide.
First,it will bother the main road of incident place. This effect will cause trouble of traffic jam. The second is will cause death. The unexpected happen in construction will happen anytime to the worker or labor. Many labor dead just because of landslide. The last effect is may cause the population safety. People will felt unsafety and afraid to keep staying near the landslide.
The conclusion I want to make it,the goverment and the related party should consider and plans
properly before do any construction on hill because if will cause trouble to anything.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FUNNIEST MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like a day in college,my time more spent with my friends and class.That day,everybody was different.Each word that want to say must be in wrong pronounciation.Start with that morning,when my friends and i prepare for a class,one of my friends want to borrow my roommate's lipstick.Then my roommate said ''liftik tu dah patah.''Then,i with others laugh together.To me,her pronounciation are too childish.
At lunch,my friends that her name is Seha, tell us a story.When she asked us korang dah submit ke fofile pada lecturer?.'' We just laughing without stop until we satisfied. So funny we think.
After maghrib,Siti ask me about our next semester break planning.We plans to have a trip to Cheating with joined other 5 friends.Then she want tell me that she want to book a chalet for us .Unfortunatelyshe pronouce that word with '' BOW+K.I.N.G '' . Thats make her shames whole day.
I don't know how to imagined it.Today is very funny day.Almost all my friends have got problems with pronouciation.The important is,we still laughed at ourself everytime they use the word.It reminds us.
That's my funniest moment that i ever experienced in my life.
PEACE 2009!!