Sunday, February 15, 2009

=ChiLd AbdUctIOn=

Child Abduction is the abduction or kidnapping of kids or a baby for a certain reason. This things happen cause from parents neglection.
On 28 JUN 2006 the missing cases of Jing Xian.
Starts when he was left by his mother,Lee Chang Yeng in the metallic silver Myvi with engine still running outside his grandmother's house at Taman Melati. There were also his brother and his sister Jing Tong in that car. The thief get in the car from the driver's door. His broyher and sister jump out from the car with hopes to safe themselve from kidnapped but unfortunately Jing Xian still in that car with the thief.
The question is, are you considering to leave your children in the car alone?
Here parents, i give you some tips how to avoid the child abduction.
1) avoid from let your children go out alone
2) pay full attention on everything about your children
3) don't let them being friends with people you not so familiar..
4) teach them how to use number and make calls.
5) teach them to shout when someone they don't know touch them.
So, my conclusion is Never Ever Leave Your Kids Alone In The Car!!!
Safety is For All

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