Wednesday, February 4, 2009

-:My Favourite Past Time:-

Hello again!!
This week i got so many things to do.It was very exhausting me.How about you?.Your week should be was very exciting,right?.Glad to you.This time i want to share with all of you again,about my favourite past time.Actually,i love to having time with my besties.We love to hang out together.What a very interesting is,we are sharing the same hobbies.Every monday to friday,we were having class so on weekend we spent our day with shooping at mall,karaoke,watching new movie at cinema,having party at bestie's home or watching stars at beach.Last new year,we had been a trip to Bukit Fraser,Pahang as a holiday for our weekend.We take a lot of pictures at there and having so much fun.That was a very best holiday that we ever had.
If we cannot go anywhere far,we just loafing at one of our friend's house.At there,we will gathering and talk about so many things.Our popular activities is playing with make up and apply on your partner's face.That was very fun and we will take a pictures as a memory and put it in Princess Album.
So all,that was just my favourite past time.I was having so much fun with them.A lot of exciting!.Before i start to post this blog,i have some quote for you,
''There nothing like friends to make a heart sing,True friends will share with you most everyting.''

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