Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Landslide is the one of unexpected phenomenom. Landslide normally happen on hills and cause trouble to many things.
There are many factors of the landslide.One of them is the abandon construction. This factor is one of normal factor that will cause a landslide. The second factor is, land that are not flat. This may because of the environment and weighted transportation. Normally,the transportation that involves is lorry,bus and army vehicles. The last factor is broke hills. The government usually broke hills to use the land in construction. If the worker unaware,this phenomenon will happen.
Where is factors,there will be the effects. I want to share the three of effects on landslide.
First,it will bother the main road of incident place. This effect will cause trouble of traffic jam. The second is will cause death. The unexpected happen in construction will happen anytime to the worker or labor. Many labor dead just because of landslide. The last effect is may cause the population safety. People will felt unsafety and afraid to keep staying near the landslide.
The conclusion I want to make it,the goverment and the related party should consider and plans
properly before do any construction on hill because if will cause trouble to anything.

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