Thursday, January 8, 2009

FUNNIEST MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like a day in college,my time more spent with my friends and class.That day,everybody was different.Each word that want to say must be in wrong pronounciation.Start with that morning,when my friends and i prepare for a class,one of my friends want to borrow my roommate's lipstick.Then my roommate said ''liftik tu dah patah.''Then,i with others laugh together.To me,her pronounciation are too childish.
At lunch,my friends that her name is Seha, tell us a story.When she asked us korang dah submit ke fofile pada lecturer?.'' We just laughing without stop until we satisfied. So funny we think.
After maghrib,Siti ask me about our next semester break planning.We plans to have a trip to Cheating with joined other 5 friends.Then she want tell me that she want to book a chalet for us .Unfortunatelyshe pronouce that word with '' BOW+K.I.N.G '' . Thats make her shames whole day.
I don't know how to imagined it.Today is very funny day.Almost all my friends have got problems with pronouciation.The important is,we still laughed at ourself everytime they use the word.It reminds us.
That's my funniest moment that i ever experienced in my life.
PEACE 2009!!

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