Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle

Hye there. Hows your life today?
For this time, i want to talk about the important to live in healthy lifestyle. Living in h
ealthy is very important because it will make your life more useful & valuable.
How to live
in healthy lifestyle? It's just not smoke, eat fresh food, and exercise but it have so many ways can do and the results you will get is very impressed.
Here are some tips to you live in healthy lifestyle.
1) Reduce stress with listening music,reading good book,go somewhere you like or hang out with your besties or family.
2) Do more physical exercise to let your body always be in energy and energetic
3) Don't forget to do medical check up to help you know about your health condition
4) Manage your weight to reduce risk of heart attack

5) Take some vitamins to keep your body in best possible health
If you does
not care about your healthy, you will get sick and your body will get weak so you can't do anything in your day.
Live in healthy lifestyle provide a healthy family, healthy commitee, healthy country.
This will give affect to new generation to live in peaceful and smart.
If you not consider with your health, you will live in sickness of disease.
So,take good care of yourself or you will get disease.

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